Asset distribution after death ensures continuity of your business and prevents assets from fraudsters who may claim ownership illegally. After the will creator concludes filling the form, two witnesses must append their signatures on the document. A testator can revise and revoke a will out of a free will and a sound mind.

Importance of Notarizing a Last Will

Washington laws (RCW 11.12.020) indicate that signing a will needs two credible witnesses aged 18 years and over. You can notarize your document to make it self-proving as per the state laws. In case recipients challenge the will, the document will prove its validity due to the state seal and acknowledgment. It protects all the parties involved and prevents beneficiaries from contesting the will.

A Washington last will and testament can be oral in exceptional circumstances, for instance, for service members in the Armed Forces due to the nature of their work. They can die at any time in the line of duty. Thus, they can make a will, and the state will recognize it. Holographic wills are not acceptable while hand-written wills must fulfill the legal requirements as per the Washington law.

Create a Last Will and Testament Online

Looking for a quick method to create your last testament? Washington State law requirements recognize fillable PDF forms with all the information regarding the completion of the last testament. Although oral and holographic wills are not valid in Washington, it can be accepted under special circumstances. For instance, soldiers in the Armed Forces can create these wills due to the nature of their work. Hand-written wills must be witnessed as per the law to be deemed legal. So, it is advisable not to write a will, but to download a free Washington State will form on our site and proceed to fill in the details.

Our step-by-step online tool will help you to generate a customized document that will suit your needs. No need to seek professional consultations from legal representatives because we have all you need. It is a simple form, quick and convenient to complete wherever you are. Leave your heirs in a safe financial position by creating a printable last will and testament from our site.

Requirements to Create a Last Will and Testament in Washington

Below are the essential requirements in crafting a last will in Washington:

Making a Will in Washington State

Drafting a last testament does not require any special skills or legal knowledge. Anyone can compose a will and complete it with ease, especially now with technological advancements. You don’t have to hire a lawyer for consultations since the form is readily available and faster to complete.

The first section prompts you to enter your particulars as proof of identification and the creator of the will. Ensure that you review the entire section and fill in all the relevant information to the best of your knowledge.

Appoint an executor who will have a power of attorney to perform the property distribution according to your directives.  An executor is a significant person who is supposed to follow up on your property and ensure that your demands are fulfilled. Thus, capture all the executor’s particulars on the will to prevent any doubt from interested parties.

The will is a versatile document, and you can mention numerous aspects concerning your wealth and estates. You can direct the executor to pay off all your debts from the proceeds of the estate or leave a trust fund to your children. The will also has the option of funeral arrangements after your death or last meal wishes. Ensure that you fill in the details of beneficiaries and the portion of the property you want to bequeath.

After completing the form, gather your two witnesses and a certified legal officer to sign the will.

The testator should then keep the original copy of the will in a safe place while other copies can remain with the lawyer for record-keeping.

Download a PDF or Word Sample Washington Will