Why Should I Fill Out a Will Testament?

Filling out a last will and testament is a way to secure both you and your family’s future. We all know that death is inevitable, but it is an uneasy topic that nobody likes to discuss. However, by planning it out in time, you will protect your family from any additional tragedies as they attempt to make your final days come together. The will covers everything from your funeral plans to your life’s earnings and property, allowing you to choose who will receive what and who will take charge when you are no longer here.

What Do I Need to Fill Out a Colorado Last Will Testament?

When you’re ready to fill out a last will testament, you can take advantage of the ease of filling out a form. It is an organized document that will help you keep requirements in order, making sure that you have thought about everything when planning out your life’s belongings’ succession. Before filling out the form, you will need to have a good idea about who you will select as your executor and beneficiary.

Choosing an Executor

When you make your property-related plans, the first priority is to choose an executor. It is the person that will take charge and oversee that all of your wishes are fulfilled. While you might be thinking of members of your family, remember they may be in a state of grieving if you are to pass unexpectedly. Try to choose someone that can handle business and keep your family’s spirits high as they celebrate your life. It is also a wise choice to choose an alternate executor just in case your primary choice is unable to fulfill the duty.

Choosing Beneficiaries

When choosing beneficiaries, testators can choose as many as they please. They will need to provide detailed descriptions of the items they wish to go to each beneficiary, distributing their life’s belongings the way that they see fit. While family members usually come first on the list, additional beneficiaries may include NGOs, educational institutions, research organizations, and any other entity you feel like supporting.

Completing the Last Will Form

To create the last will, testators must include the full names, city, counties, and current addresses of their chosen executors. In the case of beneficiaries, they will also need to provide the last four digits of each of their social security numbers. Once all of this information is collected, testators can gather witnesses in the presence of a notary public for signatures. At the time of signing, each witness will testify that the will is valid according to the testator’s wishes. They will each sign and date the document, printing the testator’s and witnesses’ names below. The last step is notarization (which is optional), at which time the document becomes legal.

Create Your Last Will Online

On our website, you can find a free Colorado last will and testament template. You can download the printable PDF form with blank fillable spots to complete and sign it by hand. Otherwise, you can use a step-by-step last will form builder available on our website online to customize the document as you wish. Don’t rely on a handwritten document that might not hold up in court. Fill out our simple online form that will guide you along the way. Think of how you want your assets distributed, making sure that your family and loved ones are taken care of in the event of your sudden or unexpected death.

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

In Colorado, those who pass without a last will testament will have their property distributed in line with the intestate legislation of Colorado. The process is usually undertaken in the following way:

If none of the above are applicable or still living, then the property goes to:

When all immediate family is not available, the state of Colorado will search for family members further along the family tree, including:

If none of the above can accept the property and belongings of the deceased, they will go to the state of Colorado. When this happens, the state can manage the deceased person’s property as they please, selling it in an estate sale or donating it to those who may need it.

Download a PDF or Word Sample Colorado Will