According to Maryland laws (§4.101), any individual who is 18 years and above with a sane mind can write a will.  Essential requirements before completing a will are to have a legal representative and two reliable witnesses. According to the Maryland laws, the testator must submit the proof of execution (Form RW 1102) and the will.

Maryland permits holographic wills in specific circumstances while oral wills are not legally accepted. A notary public must complete and acknowledge a hand-written will for it to be legitimate and self-proving.

When you have completed the will, the beneficiaries and the Grantor’s attorney must get a copy. Finally, you must register the document with the State of Maryland. Proceed to the Maryland Government website to register your will after completing all the processes.

Why Is It Necessary to Notarize the Last Will?

Notarization is a critical step in legitimizing a last will and testament. According to the Maryland laws (§4.102), the document has to be signed by the testator in the presence of two trusted witnesses of legal age.

If you do not notarize your hand-written will, it will not be self-proving under the law. The legal representatives must be there when the testator and witnesses are appending the signatures. The notary public finalizes the document by adding a legal seal to prove and validate the last will.

Completing the Last Will and Testament

You can make your last will by downloading the Maryland will template from our site. The last will and testament form contains all the guidelines you need to write and complete the document. Details such as the parties involved, the signing process, obligations, and events that may lead to cancellations.

The document must have the particulars of the testator, such as name, address, and country, plus other relevant details in the testator section. Nominate an executor who will handle all the requests in your will. Next, include all the details of all the beneficiaries of your property. It is paramount to describe all your properties in detail and the disposition to avoid future conflicts.

Ensure that you have two credible witnesses ready to append their names and signatures on your will after filling in all the necessary information. Finally, a legal representative must be present to finalize your last will and fix a state seal to self-prove the document.

Creating a Last Will and Testament Online

Looking for a simple and effective way of crafting your will? Visit our site and use the free Maryland last will and testament form. Maryland legal requirements allow testators to use a fillable PDF form if it follows the regulations of having two witnesses and a notary public present during the official signing. Oral wills have no power in Maryland, so it is advisable to download an online form from our website. Get a free template, download it on your desktop or laptop, then fill in all of the sections with ease. No need to struggle with the legal terminologies since you only have to fill in the particulars.

We are here to take the trips to the law firm and endless meetings with a lawyer out of the last will completion process. Now you can generate and customize your will with ease and convenience within minutes using the printable form. Protect your assets and loved ones by making crucial decisions before your death.

Why Do You Need to Write a Last Will?

As much as death is a contentious subject, it is fundamental to prepare for it by writing a last will. It is a document that guarantees the continuity of your estate assets to your spouse, children, or other family members. Other people may take advantage of your property by claiming ownership, but no conflict will arise after your death with a legal will in place. The executor will ensure that each beneficiary will receive the correct portion of your estate without fail.

The form ensures a fair distribution of all your properties as per your wishes. All your beneficiaries will continue with life without struggles, mostly if you were the sole provider. You can create a trust for your children with a legitimate guardian to ensure they are cared for as if you were still alive.

Revoking a Last Will

In Maryland, the document can be canceled if the testator burns, tears, cancels, or obliterates the form or by another person under the owner’s instructions and presence. If the testator marries or has another child, the previous will be annulled.

Download a PDF or Word Sample Maryland Will