The Michigan will form permits the legal executor to award each beneficiary the rightful assets according to the last wishes of the deceased. The testator may decide to distribute their estate to a partner, children, charity, or friends.

Michigan law recognizes written and holographic wills (in certain circumstances), but not orally-performed ones. The testator needs to include two reliable witnesses and a legal representative to accept and finalize the last will and testament. You can access all the details and the will form on the Michigan legislature website.

Why You Need to Notarize a Last Will and Testament

A last will is a sensitive agreement that requires notarization to certify its authenticity. Notarization comprises several parties involved in creating and signing the document. A notary public acts in this circumstance as an officially authorized person to conduct legal procedures, draw contracts, and acknowledge documents like this.

The notarization process is essential since it certifies proof of identity of all persons participating in signing the will. The work of the notary public is to vet and ensure that the testator and witnesses are not creating and signing the will under duress and that they are entirely in a free will and sound mind. According to Michigan State laws (§700-2502), the will can be signed by two or more witnesses in attendance of a notary public.

Completing a Last Will and Testament

The form comprises all the directives that individuals require to make and complete a last will. Any individual who is 18 years and above in a healthy mental state can create a will. It is a simple process that you can complete within minutes.

The first step is to write the particulars of the testator, such as their full name, physical address, city, and county. Ensure that you fill in all the relevant details in this section, like your tax and expense details. Nominate your personal executor and enter all their personal details in the relevant section.

Next, start naming your beneficiaries while indicating the property disposition in detail. You must include the name, address, relationship, social security number, and the property you want to give each beneficiary.

After reviewing all the sections, gather your witnesses before a notary public to sign the will and testament affidavit.

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What Should I Do with a Completed Last Will Form?

As the Michigan last will instructions state, you need to take the following steps after completing your will form:

Importance of Writing a Last Will

While most people are afraid of facing mortality, death is inevitable. It is advisable to create a last will to protect your legacy. This document is a binding contract that compels the executor to fulfill your last wishes. If you have a large estate with numerous assets, the last will ensures that each property goes to whoever you want. Whether it is your spouse, children, friends, or other family members, the last will allows fair disposition to all beneficiaries.

The form allows the owner of the will to appoint a credible executor to make sure the court implements your last requests according to your directives.

Download a PDF or Word Sample Michigan Will